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How the world looks at Pakistan

How World looks at Pakistan

How the world looks at Pakistan is mostly searched question on Google. As to many pieces of research and interviews, many of us do not know much about Pakistan. A few aren’t ever been in Pakistan.

Once they are asked that “what involves their mind first once they hear the word Pakistan?” they reply with multiple answers. Some put it as a quite colorful and delightful country with thoughtful people. although some people call it a radicalized country (which means to support extremism and terrorism). Now that’s where things get difficult for Pakistan. Because people tend to believe in assumptions and false statements. They believe in social media and other sources.

What do others think about Pakistan?

Growing up as a Pakistani, you would have heard the old saying ‘log kya sochte honge?’. once you take this saying into a broader perspective. as broad as going international, ever wondered what foreigners around the world consider Pakistan? Various people assume that it’s a wild/dangerous country and if they’d visit Pakistan they wouldn’t survive.

The people only acknowledge what the media shows them as they haven’t seen the country itself. Well, not all of them have a negative perspective about us, like many of us eagerly want to go to this country as some have friends here, some want to watch the culture and traditions, or some just want to enjoy the savoury traditional dishes. all of them recognize us as peaceful folks that others can enjoy the company of.

How Pakistanis are actually?

Pakistanis are passionate, emotional, expressive, and vibrant people (just like our culture). Whatever they love, they are doing it with many zest and excitement. Pakistanis are very hardworking and resilient. Pakistan’s spirit lives on, and that they still hope and work for a far better future.

Moreover, Pakistan features a very diverse culture because of its historical, geographical, and ethnic diversity. Pakistan’s culture may be a melting pot of Indian, Persian, Afghan, Central Asian, South Asian, and Western Asian influences. There are over 15 major ethnic groups in Pakistan, which differ in physical features, historical bloodlines, customs, dress, food, and music. 

a number of these include Punjabis, Sindhis, Baloch, Pashtuns, Kashmiris, Hazaras, Makranis, and Baltis, coming from regions as on the brink of home because of the Indus Valley or as far as Africa or Tibet. aside from ancient ethnic elements, the religious influence of Islam has also strongly shaped Pakistani culture. Each ethnos has its unique culture and tradition. People from many countries are a devotee of our traditional savory dishes. Pakistanis have a robust bond that’s unbreakable with their families.

Pakistan is a peace-loving country

We are a peaceful and peace-loving country. Whatever we can we roll in the hay with passion and motivation. People here are always welcoming to guests and tourists. Pakistan isn’t an extremist country, Also concluding that rather than believing false assumptions about a country you should learn about the country and visit it if possible, Pakistanis would always welcome you.

This article is written by Ms. Wajiha Arshad. She is an A-Level Student at City School Rawal Campus. She is an Internee at STUDENTINN SOLUTIONS., and she is also contributing as Change Agent for MainHOONPakistan.

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