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Christy Munir: A Legend from the Epistemic Community

CHRISTY Munir who served his life for Pakistan is a legend from Pakistani history. Among many heroes, it’s vital to shed some light on the accomplishments and devotion of Dr. Christy Munir who served his life for Pakistan and is still doing it.

Let’s dive in! 

Early life and education

He did his FSc. and BSc. from the government college of Sargodha. For his MSc degree, he went to Peshawar University. After completing this he served as a tutor in Gordon college for about two and a half years. In this duration, he gained a research fellowship from America and he decided to continue his education further by enrolling himself in Ph.D.

Contributions of Christ munir

After conferring a degree in chemistry, he headed off to Gordon college again but its administration didn’t accept him as an educator. Still, Dr. Christy didn’t lose hope and one fine day he glanced at the opportunity of a professor by Quaid-e-Azam university. The university approved him as a professor in its department of chemistry where he served for almost 28 years. At that time, he refused foreign opportunities because he wants to serve his life for Pakistan. He did a lot of research work in the medicinal field for diabetes. One of his works in preparation of New Medicinal Compounds by Structure Modification and Metal Chelation. Many foreign researchers appreciate his commendable work.

Harmed by an extremist mob attack:

On 17 March 2002, the president of the International Protestant Church, Dr. Christy Munir, gets severely injured in a mob attack in Islamabad. In that extremist violence, an artery in his right shoulder was damaged. Not just this but a broken leg, severe burns, and a pierced lung happened to him in this grenade attack. Munir undergoes varied surgeries in Pakistan and some advanced treatment for nerve injuries occurred in the United States. In these uncertain circumstances, he didn’t utter a single word of hatred for Muslims in Infront of the media. Instead, he made the statement that:

“I have no bitterness against them, my best friends are Muslims.”

He further said,

“Let us fight terrorism through quality education back in Pakistan. Let us make Muslims better Muslims through our educational institutions, which are known for quality education and human values.”

Not just a great educationalist but a Fundraiser too!

His beneficence didn’t end there as he dedicates himself as an exceptional leader and a great mentor in Forman Christian College (A Chartered University). There Dr. Christy Munir isn’t just a teacher but an adviser and fundraiser too. He worked hard to uplift the Christian community through education. Through his invaluable services, he has become a towering pillar figure for those students who want to transcend their dreams into reality. 

Education matters.

According to him, he thinks that after the nationalization of educational institutions in 1971 under Martial Law Regulation No 118 the doors of education are semi-closed for Christian students.  Nationalization has hit hard the facility of quality education that was available to our Christian students. Even our top-class educational institutions always had a limited number of seats available for Christian students.

“Being a deprived class community lacking facilities and resources. They lack academic merit, thus the doors of quality education or opportunities for good jobs are automatically closed. Low merit Christian students cannot compete and thus add to the misery pool of the Christian community. This is how the vicious circle keeps going on.”

Because he has a strong belief in education that is why he keeps on his mentoring on YouTube by his channel. We must praise such emphatic leaders who knuckle down all his life to serve their countrymen. 

Zunaira Ali is the Freelance writer. She is working at STUDENTINN SOLUTIONS as Intern Content Writer. She is also part of MainHOONPakistan and contributing to HumSayPakistan.


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