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A Positive Image of Pakistan

The Positive image of Pakistan

A positive image of Pakistan is the need of the hour. Because image and reputation have become essential parts of a state’s strategic capital. The term “image” seems like a simple word, but isn’t. It’s a complicated concept of communication that embraces various issues and factors in inter-state relations. The image of a country plays an important role in a country’s foreign relations with others.

The international image of Pakistan?

Globally, Pakistan lacks credibility within the international community. Internationally Pakistan’s sole identity is understood as terrorists. Our recognition within the community of countries today is merely a tract for religious extremism and militancy afflicted with a culture of violence and corruption.

why should you love Pakistan
why should you love Pakistan

Pakistan in reality

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a peaceful country, that respects all religions and minorities. Pakistan has also played an enormous role in peacemaking. Pakistan isn’t a rustic that promotes terrorism or extremism. It’s a gorgeous country with quite welcoming people. Every tourist that meets them feels quite pleased. Pakistan features a unique culture and traditions that amuse and influence numerous people around the world.

Places to explore

Apart from what media has shown or shows, Pakistan has plenty of tourist attractions, whether it’s the delicious street food or the incredible northern areas and lots of other landmarks. Each city is out of the ordinary. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, it’s tons of greenery that enhances the sweetness of the capital.

The famous landmark in this city is that the Faisal mosque. Moreover, it’s many restaurants and places for families within the mountains, also if you would like to find out about history visually then the simplest place to go to in Islamabad is that the Pakistan monument. it’s an exotic view mostly in the dark and a museum.

Lahore has its places to go to just like the Badshahi mosque, Minar e Pakistan, Shalimar Bagh, the tomb of janghir, The Lahore museum which is especially for Pakistani culture. Lahore is that the most famous for its historical landmarks from the mutual era and therefore the ancient time’s people. Nowadays that has become an enormous attraction for people within the country also because the tourists, it’s also great for educational purposes.

Positive Image of Pakistan

Mass Media eventually can build or tarnish the image of the country. The media talk may be a debate about adjusting the planet. Media is that the part and parcel of the society which matches through rampant commercialization. All the sections of the society including the media are influenced by the philosophy of Survival of the Fittest.

The media (especially television) has become the foremost storytelling vehicle and thus the journalists became the key players in myth-making and identity building. Therefore, the media shouldn’t be biased and will show this side of Pakistan to the state, so it could help Pakistan develop more.

Finally, it’s going to be concluded that Pakistan isn’t a terrorist or extremist country as some biased media might say, it’s a serene country with accepting folks that the state must realize. More tourists should come and find out about Pakistan and its different cultures, and will not believe false assumptions. this media revolution has helped people in making informed decisions and this has led to the beginning of a replacement era during a democracy.

Government media and thus the private sector should remember that managing image building is by any standards an enormous task, demanding a mix of vision, creativity, and energy. This case isn’t a matter of choice but necessity. Pakistan and thus the Pakistani media must add maintaining and cultivating the good name.

This article is written by Ms. Wajiha Arshad. She is an A-Level Student at City School Rawal Campus. She is an Internee at STUDENTINN SOLUTIONS., and she is also contributing as Change Agent for MainHOONPakistan.

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